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Mr Pulla Veera Venkata Rao is continuing his career in the Nursery Sector with non-stop hard-working efforts He brought all name and fame to Sri Satyadeva Nursery in National Level by his innovative methods, applying latest Technical knowledge with state-of-the-art facilities. He introduced the corporate culture and improved nursery like an industry. He improved their marketing skills. He allowed his employees to do so many experiments and created New plants. This is an example of leadership by example. Leadership is the ability to motivate a group of people toward a common goal. Having a leader whom we believe in gives us direction, stability, and the chance for fulfilment. So a good leader plays an important role. He exactly done the same, he utilized all his resources fulfil the needs of Sri SatyaDeva nursery. He encouraged his brothers and cousins to study well and played a key role in their education and inspired them to take nursery business as a profession. He developed his family business incorporate style, improved outsource business and generated so many jobs. He never compromises with the quality of the plants and sale them for a reasonable price, in the way he supplied lakhs and crores of plants to all over India, which brought them the name and many times best nursery awards. Indian NurseryMen Association recognized his services and elected him as Vice President for the association at a very young age. Now he even concentrated on overseas business, He visited many countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. He became a key player in procuring the plant material. He also encourages his team to prepare plants for export. Apart from his business sense, great humanity within him makes him a good social servant. He regularly donates his blood through a famous blood bank called Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust and inspires many people in the village. Recently he received best citizen award for the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Discussing about the Nursery sector development with Our honourable Chief minister Of Andhra Pradesh Shri Y.S..Jagan mohan reddy

Exceptional Expertise


The primary objective of Mr Rao is to spread the greenery throughout the nation and eradicate pollution. He is initiating the farmers to increase the production of best quality plants by sharing the know-how with the fellow Nurserymen. Invite the best intellectuals to Kadiyam Nurseries and conducting the meetings and seminars to pass the knowledge to his fellow nurserymen. Tie-up with universities and share Kadiyam Nursery people’s practical knowledge with students He is insisting for more subsidies on shade nets and other infrastructure to the horticulture sector. 
Mr PullaVeeraVenkataRao, Vice Pres- Identified of Indian Nurserymen Association, submitted a representation to Honorable CM Andhra Pradesh Mr Sri N.Chandra Babu Naidu (EX-CM) for the grant and sanction of land for the construction of Directorate of floriculture Center in Kadiyam Mandal. He explained various problems

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Natural Green Environment gives clean but also a healthy and beautiful world. This is the basic reason to start a nursery in kadiyapulanka by name SRI SATYADEVA NURSERY in the year 1950. Sri Satya Deva Nursery is in operation by a dedicated team of his own family members stay united, sincerely focus on the Goal to help people get excellent quality plant material and satisfying their needs even to Architects, Builders, Farmers, Growers, Landscapers and also to the people who are willing to start new nurseries. Today SRI SATYADEVA NURSERY was extended to 80 acres of land and was able to produce different varieties of plants like Avenue, Decorative, Flower, Fruit, Indoor, Ornamental plants available in Polybags, U.V. Stabilized plastic pots, clay pots with excellent packaging and loading facilities under one roof. Mr Rao always encourages his Nurserymen to apply their new thoughts and innovative methods to enhance his nursery standards even further to high levels. Today SRI SATYA DEVA NURSERY proudly feels that they can reach to the top and touch the sky with a much-disciplined way of approaching their customers with top quality plant varieties and providing and sharing the cultural values who come from different parts of the country.